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E-Learn Courses

Below are a sample of courses I designed for adult learners in the corporate environment.

  • The Articulate RISE course were created for the purpose of self-paced learning and were embedded within an internal Learning Management System.

  • The learning elements were created using Articulate Storyline and are scenario based training that were used in various courses.  


All were created while employed with the respective company. Many of the courses are still in regular use.

*Click on each title for a full view*

Working Cafe
Quick Sync
Home Desk
Burger Packaging
Doctor's Visit
Blank Notebook
Herbal Tea

RISE Course

RISE Course

Medicare Sales Training was the largest undertaking that I had the privilege to project manage and instructionally design from the initial assessment to the follow-up evaluations.

The course was developed and designed for agents working from home on a self-paced basis. 

Agents had 2 weeks to complete the course and quiz before they would be allowed to interact with customers on the phone in an official capacity.

UPDATE: After summative evaluations, we realized that agents were not required to complete the training on their own, so we updated the training to be Virtually Instructor Led, and essentially more effective.

Microlearning Course

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